Farnham Display Alternate Font

I am doing a not-for-profit project (aka no budget for extras). We are trying to do a poster and the font they found that they like I identified has Farnham Display. But we can't afford to buy this font. Are there any other more common fonts or cheaper alternatives that will give us the same look?


sorry if this is the wrong place, I wasn't sure where to post :)


No problem. I fear that the possible alternatives are also commercial fonts. There are freeware serif faces, but the choice is quite limited if you want a certain quality.

There may be something you have that is close. What weights do you need. Are you using PC or Mac?

A very nice freeware serif is Tallys:


Also look into a font called Gentium:


Otherwise, I can't believe you have a business and don't have some kind of choices that came bundled with the programs you own. (always check the CDs)

If you do a lot of non-profit work, consider the Softmaker XXL cd. It has a ton of fairly decent fonts for a relatively small sum.