August 8th, newly joined this community.

Salutations friends of type! I come here to continue my education. I would like to communicate with any of you interested in helping me get started translating my original artwork into stable, usable fonts. Software recommendations, short courses, recommended reading and any other suggestions would be followed upon receipt of notes, communications of any sort.

I am a traditionalist coming from a background of fine art and having taught myself letter press some years ago in undergrad school at Berea College in Kentucky. The letter press there has now been sold off. Now the digital revelotion is upon us all. I'm working with a friend in Celo, NC producing mono prints and small editions which include letter press work. My interest is visiting here is to discover a work flow envolving Macintosh computers moving back out into the world of book production.

I'm a serious student of color science, a printmaker and photographer. As well my skills in freehand work are continually being honed. If any of you choose to communicate with me about digital typography I will, in turn, continue to share with all who come to me to learn. Such is the "old school" method. Sorely needed is a mentoring program for every area of life skills as well as trades and theoretical studies. I am honored to be amongst you.

Highest regards,

Frederick Park