sans serif with rounded edges

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Hello hello there you crazy typophiliacs!

I'm happy to be amongst like-minded folks at last. This is my very first post on this site, and I'm not entirely sure what to expect. Anyhow, I'll trow my thoughts out there anyways..

So basically I'm looking for a tres cool sans-serif typeface with rounded edges. Pardon my lack of adequate vocab here...part of the reason why I'd like to join is because I'd like to broaden my horizon when it comes to such things. So please be patient with me...

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Merci in advance

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My favorite:

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I like Chevin as well.

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I very much like Barmeno, as you will see from my avatar.

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Or its updated brother: FF Sari.

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I prefer the proportions of Barmeno; to me Sari's curves are not taut enough, and it looks too round and spacey. I love the pound sign and lining figures of Barmeno. Maybe it's just me?

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Other possibilities:
ITC Officina (no sharp corners)
GD Maiandra (more informal)
or LET Frankfurter (more cartoony)

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FF Max has to be my new fave.

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I'm into the same research, hope I'm not too late:
Estilo from DSType
Albert from FontSmith
Sophie from FontSmith
Skyler from SparkyType (also check Chicken)
Courier Sans, Superstudio and Gravur from Lineto
P22 Platten
Grover Slab
Hermes from Optimo
Sansa Soft from OurType

Hope this helped!

All Good Cretins Go To Heaven

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Without pretension, I would suggest Foco from Dalton Maag,

It has a softly round and friendly feel.

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Nice suggestion Haag.
Dalton Maag also offers Tondo, whose name says it all!

All Good Cretins Go To Heaven

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