(x) Classic Grand Theft Auto logo - PowerHouse {Mikey D}

I'm looking for the font of the title of this picture

I've searched everywhere, but couldn't find it. If one of you does, you'll be my hero.


Could be a custom designed logo. Makes sense for a computer game. Most of these logos are.

I'd actually believe it was a freeware font before I'd believe it to be custom. Most of the games designed back in the day used a lot of freeware fonts both from their package designs and also for in game type (the licensing would have been insane, especially for an up and coming game design company like Rockstar.)

Check the popular freeware/shareware font sites, like Dafont. I wouldn't be surprised if you found it there.

Already checked Dafont, couldn't find it. http://Force Majeure is the only one that kind of looked like it, but especially the T and R are way off.

I'd say freeware too. If no one has by tonight, I have a hunch where to look when I get home.

That is pretty close! If all else fails, a strategic email to someone at Rockstar might elicit a better response.

Yep. I too am pretty sure I saw this before and it’S a free font.
I checked Ray Larabie and Shyfonts. Nothing.

I don't have time to check right now, but old Pizzadude is what comes to mind.

www.Pizzadude.dk Just checked, nothing there that resembles the logo. It might be old decommissioned stuff though.

I was just gonna say - not the pizzadude. His stuff is more comicy anyways.

Cosmic Age by Shyfonts is the closest I found.

For shame!!!

Its PowerHouse from House Industries.


Mikey :0)

Thanks a lot, buddy. Too bad it isn't freeware.

You are welcome!

Look for a font called Moonpie Cadet by Fontalicious that was/is ? free. Space Beach is close too.


Mikey :0)

Damn, I'm too late. Powerhouse. That's it.

Shame on me. It’s a House font.

I'm glad Mike saved me from a wild goose chase.

DAY'UM! how did that get under everyone's noses like that? Powerhouse is the most elusive font yet...