dtp Kontor Ltd. and FontLab

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dtp Kontor Ltd. and FontLab

In the early 1990's, Manfred Albracht sold his program "Type Designer" through his one-man outfit "DTP Software" in Monschau near Aachen in Germany. This outfit seems to have been liquidated years ago. But since quite some time, a new outfit, which seems to be a mailbox company (dummy company, front company, shell company) and which is called "dtp Kontor Ltd.", seems to be selling FontLab programs:


This "mailbox company without a mailbox" whose owner is or was claimed to be the Aixmedia outfit seems to have not existed as a real company. Therefore at the website of the Aachen Chamber of Commerce


we read that this dummy company (or at least its German dummy "subsidiary") was erased in the public records as of June 2007:

"Löschungen: dtp Kontor Ltd., Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, Monschau. Von Amts wegen eingetragen gemäß § 142 FGG: Die Zweigniederlassung ist aufgehoben 25. Juni 2007"

The English website of this mailbox company is found here


with the following "postal address":

dtp Kontor Ltd., 196 High Road, London, N22 8HH, United Kingdom

Now make this funny little experiment. Enter these words

"196 High Road" London

in Google, and you will be surprised to get more than ten thousand hits. This is because "196 High Road" is the "postal address" of thousands of "mailbox companies without a mailbox", i.e. of thousands of front companies or shell companies or mailbox companies, which do not exist in reality in this mystery house in "196 High Road".

Now what happens from the legal point of view, if you buy a FontLab program (e.g. TypeTool, ScanFont, etc.) at this "dtp Kontor Ltd." website:


If "dtp Kontor Ltd." does not supply the paid program, or if a defective program is supplied, which "company" can you sue at which court, considering that in the mystery house in "196 High Road" in London "exist" thousands of mystery companies?