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I guess it


You’re right that the MLB logos are custom. Some were designed by artists long before digital fonts; some were designed my digital font designers for the Leagues or Teams, but the safe assumption is that few of them are going to be found in actual fonts, although sometimes you might find something close (Like using Quentin, or a similar font for the Red Sox).

We have talked about having an FAQ for this, since we get so many questions about commercial and Sports logos, and almost all of them are custom artwork or custom fonts in order to increase the exclusive marketing potential and/or identity aspect of the logo.

If anyone could easily duplicate any look, the Sports teams would lose millions in souvenir sales and corporations would be suing people for trademark infringement (which does happen anyway).

Here are a few that are in the ballpark (so to speak):

LHF Ephemera
Moonshine Script NF
Licious Script
Philly Sport Script

I’ve thought about doing one myself, but the roster seems a bit crowded.

I’m sure the field could stand a few more major-leaguers, Mark.


Mike — I dont think a FAQ would be a solution. Pretty impossible to list every single corporate brand and get rid of such questions.


The FAQ was supposed to let people know that in general logos for corporations and sports teams, and trademarks for major products are usually all custom work that will not be fonts you can buy.

Sure, I know there are a few exceptions, but maybe it would save us from repeating this 8 times a day.

It will never fly, so it doesn’t matter…

Allright Mike, misunderstood your first reply then…

Thanks anyway;)

Thought about starting a new thread, but think it

That’s Motter Femina, but please start a new thread next time. :-)

I will;)