(x) Does this font sound familiar? - ITC Avant Garde Gothic Alternates {Chesh}

There is a font I’ve seen that is all-capped and sans-serif, with sometimes one “leg” slanted. This is usually on the M’s, A’s, and V’s. It has a very disco feel to it and I believe it has been used on quite a few records in the 70’s. I’ll look for an image example, but in the meantime does this sound familiar to anyone?


You’re probably looking for ITC Avant Garde Alternates.

That’s the one. Thanks for the help : )

Which trick’re you gonna pull next, Chesh? Smell the
right font?!

For my next trick, ladies and wafflemen, I shall attempt to ID a font based SOLELY on the juncture of the Q where the tail meets the body!

(Oh, wait, I’m already f(l)ailing at that over at the Type ID Pop Quiz…)

LOL Me too!