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Converting FROM Open Type

Hi All,

Got a strange request from a lady who would like a font converted from Open Type to True Type. Now clearly I’ll send her back to the publisher of the original font, but for my information I don’t think anybody has ever brought up that topic.

So how does one reverse engineer an OT font back to a PS1 or TT font?

Stuart :D

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Open the OT font in FontLab 4.x, choose the encoding mode (names mode, codepages mode, which codepage if applicable) and generate the font in the applicable format. If you’re generating a TTF, trash all the OT features first.

For Truetype, I usually keep it in Unicode mode unless they’re using a very old version of Windows. For Type 1 PC, set it to MS Windows 1252 Latin 1 in codepage mode. (Or whatever codepage your customer is using.) For Type 1 Mac, set it to Macintosh Roman encoding in Names mode.

Don’t choose Adobe Standard Encoding. This causes ugly Symbol substitution.

You will need TransType if you are generating Mac suitcase files.