"The Black Keys" thin grotesque sans

Someone please help. This typeface is very close to Helvetica, but is a few notches away. Does anyone know?


Did you try whatthefont or identifont?

I'm not 100%, but this might have been done freehanded. The S and C have some really wobbly looking curves and the B is constructed rather weirdly (usually the top portion is slightly smaller than the bottom.)

The K is the answer, find a font with that K and you'll probably have what you're looking for.

I believe this is simply a modified Helveletica. Would take about 5 minutes to create.

I have tried whatthefont – they have not got back to me yet. I thought the font may have been hand minipulated, however its all over this bands website. It is set in almost the whol alphabet.

It might be a custom job specifically for the Black Keys. It's also the font used on their new album "Magic Potion".

I just found the website's designer. I sent him a message, hopefully he'll be able to respond with a definite answer. (his site: http://takes.us/)

Well, I didn't get much help from the web designer,

"I believe it is called Stillness. Pat's brother, Mike, designed the album cover and chose the face so I am not sure where he got it from. But check out Adobe and Veer - might be from one of those."

I can't find anything called Stillness.

The original cover art was done by Mike Carney who happens to be the drummer's brother.

I am incredibly grateful Asvetic. Thank you.

You're welcome, but I didn't actually find the font. Unless someone actually knows a font called Stillness. I've checked around and there doesn't seem to be a font called Stillness, or even one close to that name.

It's still a mystery.

Well the best I can do is make a recommendation for next best solutions:

Check www.t26.com more specifically fonts designed by Identikal (like Distilla). I think you'll find a font or 2 that are close. Also, http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/agfa/burin-sans/ is nice and light and though the K, S and E are off it's still pretty close.