A tricky word.

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I have a problem.

I'm getting married in December and am currently putting the finishing touches to my invitations. I'm tring to find a modern script typeface (such as Ministry Script) that can handle the name 'Lizzie' (my wife-to-be's name). As you can imagine the double z is proving to be a bit of a problem.

I did have my heart set on Ministry Script but would welcome any suggestions.

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How about Sloop?

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Ministry Script is very nice indeed, and it has four variants for the letter "z". Another nice font from Sudtipos has this "zz" ligature:

The font's name is Affair; a tricky word indeed.

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Another Sudtipos font, also by Alejandro Paul, Burgues Script, has nice variants for the letter "z".

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if you feel brave enough, go ahead and tweak the type a bit. type (especially lettering-inspired type) is meant to function as a starting point. when i used Ministry for my sister's invite, i actually lightned the names a bit (as they are quite a bit larger than the regular text).

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I'm a big fan of Burgues. It has a few variations for z.

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To handle the zz problem try using BeauRivage 1 and 2 and combine the two z's.

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Thank you all for your help. I'm thinking about staying with the Ministry Script but replacing the zz's.

Or I'll have to get Lizzie to change her name!

Thanks again for your help.


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Or I’ll have to get Lizzie to change her name!

That's what I would do. Forget about type serving the content, and let the content serve the type!

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has lizzie got a sister?

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