Scarange, a grid-but-human font

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This was my very first font (I know I said Satinwood was my first, but this was kind of easy compared to that). I actually made it a few years ago. I've tried to balance the regularity and simplicity of the font with something --- well, I don't think it could be called humanism --- perhaps life, spirit or just warmth.

Have I succeeded? Any suggestions?

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sample.pdf 14 Sept 2007 (with new curves)8.13 KB
sample.pdf 9 Oct 2007 (new _t_, hinted)12.53 KB
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I think the R is quite nice, but I think it might a bit more quirks and variations on the module to make it more 'human'.

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I like the curve at the end of the "r". Pehapsyou could work something like that into the apetures of the "a" "s" and "c" too. Overall I like it though, and it seems that it would have a host of applications.

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I like it, but I agree with Queneau that it should have a bit more variation or flair.

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I realise now I overstated my case a bit. "humanism — perhaps life, spirit or just warmth" -- yeah, right.

Anyway, I've been a bit busy the past few weeks, so I've only started looking into your suggestions. I've quickly drawn up an alternative _a_, inspired by your suggestions, and I'd like to know what you think.

EDIT: Once more with attachments:

Thank you for your words so far, and I'm looking forward to more.

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The 'a' is great. What about making the curve of the h, p (and similar letters) meet the vertical stroke at a bit of an angle? Also, what about terminating the ends of the stroke in the a, r (and similar) at a slight angle instead of right angles?


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Wow, I really like the new 'a' a lot. If you could work some of the personality of that 'a' into some of the other characters, I'd say you're definitely onto something. I'd also like to see a lc e with some of those same features. Maybe start with the 'a', rotate it 180 degrees and acquire some inspiration from that...?

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Thanks ytknows. I've been a bit lost on this... I haven't really had any ideas for variation.

I'll probably post something new in a few hours.

Good to know people are still looking at this. Thanks.

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Posted updated pdf, with new curves.

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It may be that I'm a bit biased to my suggestion, but I think that helped to spread some of that angle goodness around.

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Wow. Much better.


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At first it looked dime-a-dozen to me, but that is looking good now.

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Thank you all. Any more suggestions, or is it polish time? I need to place my diacritics more carefully (maybe redraw the circumflex?), check the spacing, add some kerns, etc.

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I like it as is, but a few things I would experiment with if I was working on it would be:

- trying to make the descenders on the lc letters more interesting. maybe more of that 'a' angle?

- the lc t feels a little boring to me

- the serifs on the uc I bother me a little bit. Perhaps they're too large? Maybe my mind would change to see more text typeset in the font.

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I've got a new 't', and fixed up some spacing. I've generated TT hints, but I'm not sure if PDFs use them.

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