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my first attempt at a "proper" typeface i.e it could be used for body text not just display.

I'm just posting the medium weight as i need your help. be as harsh or as nice as you want. I haven't been doing this for long so I people with a better eye that me to point out some problem.

I'm not to sure about the lowercase k I like it but don't no if it reads well.

Thanks Guys

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The counters in b,d,p, and q appear to be off-center. The curve of the u appears to be lopsided -- it's tighter on the left. Many of the curved strokes appear to be slighty variable weight, which looks like an accident to me. I think the bottom bowl of the B should be the same as the bowl in the P. The bottom half of the 8 should be bigger than the top.

I like the direction of this; I particularly like the g & k, and the bottom serif on the r & i. I like the diagonal curve on the Z, z, 4 and 7; but I think it needs to be more asymmetrical on the Z and z to not look like a mistake.

Hope that helps.

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really helped me thanks.

i totally missed the lowercase u.

cheers again.

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Non-expert opinion coming up: the 'm' needs to be narrower, I think.
BTW, the 'p' reminds me of our company logo: http://www.palgrave.com/

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hi dtw.

do you know the font that was used for your company logo so I make sure the one I'm making differs from it a little more.


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I don't, but I suspect it was custom lettering. The font-ID experts might have a better idea though.

Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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The 'Macmillan' part looks like Bliss Extra Light; could the 'Palgrave' part be a customisation? Maybe not, actually.

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Hi Ben, yes the Macmillan part is undoubtedly some variety of Bliss as that's our corporate font; the Palgrave part (ie the bit where the P reminded me of Jonathan's design) is more of a challenge! ...if it does turn out to be an actual font and not custom lettered I'd be interested to know.

[Sorry J: this seems to have drifted away from your original thread ... do post your next revision when it's ready!]

Ever since I chose to block pop-ups, my toaster's stopped working.

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