(x) Fat face didone headlines in magazine - Didoni {Stephen}

Trying to ID this face but have had no luck so far. The R and wide H are throwing me off.

Not ITC Modern 216 heavy. (R is off)
Not Sahara Bodoni (whatever that is)
Now Annlie (again the H)

Any thoughts?


I dunno, Ultra Bodoni doesn't have curved brackets (something you can't see on Fonts.com's tiny sample).

I couldn't find a Normande or Ultra Bodoni with matching R.

Anyone know specifics? Could it be custom?

Here is a list of ultra bold didones.

Maybe Didoni.

kuroneko - neither of these have the proper cap R.

so close!

Didoni it is!!!

Thanks to both of you!

My pleasure. What is the magazine?