(x) Curvaceous 70s ampersand - Pistilli Roman {Mike Y}

Here's one that I'd love to know so much more about. It may have never ever been digitized, and usually ampersands like this only appear in the italic set of typefaces. I will say that when I see this out in the world, it is usually with a title face that looks like Bodoni Poster Compressed but I'll keep my reservations.


It's from Pistilli Roman (Phil's Photo book).

- Mike Yanega

THat is lovely!

thanks for the info! now I have a Phil's-Photo-Book-binder-shaped void in my life

It also comes in a softcover bound version published in 1985. I have seen it once or twice in used bookstores. I'll bet you could find it online through ABE Books or Amazon.com. The title is 'Homage to the Alphabet -- A Typeface Sourcebook'

- Mike Yanega

Jason Walcott's Cabernet Swash has this ampersand.

Pistilli too?

Pistilli too?

Of course! :)

As has the OPTIPirogi-Roman (under the œ).

The Pistilli-Roman is on Dafont. http://www.dafont.com/pistilli-roman.font (Unicode 00A4).

Sure, there may be a Pistilli Roman on Dafont, but that doesn’t make it the Pistilli Roman. It’s a pretty shoddy digitization with poor spacing/kerning and strange mistakes (see below). We’re still waiting for a proper revival.

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Poor kerning.