(x) Pith Helmets Fa Spotlight - Eidetic Neo {Chesh}

I can’t seem to ID this typeface, any help is appreciated. I’ve tried what the font and identifont to no avail. It is used by Southwest Airlines Spirit Magazine for some heads and text. Thanks in advance!

pith helmets


Looks like Emigre Eidetic Neo, though customized without the dots over the i.

Thanks, I’m such a dork for not figuring that out!

Sorry, the correct response was:

“Wow, that was the hardest font in the world to find. Cheshire Dave, you’re a genius!”

I think you’re way off, but I don’t know what it
is so I guess I’ll shut up now.

I retract my statement of 5:59 p.m. and blame my
gross incompetence on lack of sleep.

You were right on, Dave. Eidetic looks good at
display sizes with that tight spacing. I’d never
have guessed.