(x) Mysterious sans serifs - AVenir, Gotham {Stephen}

OK, this can't be that difficult...

It looks like a simple san-serif, but for some reason, I am having a DICKENS of a time trying to ID it EXACTLY. So many fonts (like Avenir) come close...but I am looking for something with the same perfect roundness and symmetry in the O's and the lower e's. Even the counters within the p's and d's look like circles, and aren't off-center, elongated, or squashed. The descenders and ascenders aren't super tall, either.

Can anyone help??


Two different fonts here. First is Avenir, second is Gotham.

there is actually a gotham rounded as you see it here. the avenir might be customized; i don't know if the foundry released one.

Looks straight-up Avenir to me. Just a bit blurry.

Thanks, everybody...I think if it isn't Avenir, it is darn close. To get it exactly the same, however, I think I will need to modify it.