(x) Looking for a digital Lo Kursiv - Berthold Lo Type {Tiffany}

hi everybody,

i hope i am not putting this question in the wrong place, although i guess i am b/c it is a backwards type ID -- that is, i know the name of the font, but i just can't find where to buy it, or even if it is for sale.

so maybe, what i am asking for is similar fonts to this one?

it seems that script fonts are somewhat in style now? so i was looking at some type books and found this cool font in the book "typology", on page 63, #141, it is called "lo kursiv" and is by louis oppenheim and the type specimen sheet says "h. berthold ag" and 1912.

i looked online and found a foreign site that mention it (a type forum i think in german?), and that has some images (attached), but i can't seem to find a foundry that has digitized it and sells it.

any ideas? it is a pretty cool font.

thanks guys!


here is the website where i found it

and this is the type forum


Well, I know of one foundry who has the italic. I swear Monotype used to offer the italic as well though.

hey that's it!!!! thank you miss tiffany! you guys never cease to amaze.

hey that is a cool font too, thank you pattyfab!