(x) Condensed blackletter in Sombrio/Ride logos by Hydro74 - Sky Clad Gothic {Angel}

Hi guys, do any of you recognize the font Hydro74 started off with on the type treatments below (bottom left and bottom mid). Cant seem to find a condensed blackletter like that..



I'm not a 100% but I think it might be a Letterhead Font. I'll have to do some more searching to clarify.

There's a few in the ballpark but nothing relatively close.

Ardenwood is close

There's a pretty good possibility that the original font used was unembellished, including the mid-stroke burrs. The font also looks rather compressed, which was probably done manually to.

I wish Josh was on Typophile more often, but he's a busy man these days.

I'm sure a well meaning email could illicit some better responses.

you can find it at his website: hydro74.com

One from Nate Piekos: Skyclad Gothic BB.