Shutterstock "Propaganda" Gothic-style Font ID

Hello (again) Typophiles:

I’m (still) using a vector illustration from to design a T-Shirt, and I wonder if anyone knows wich font is the attached font (I try to insert the image, but I couldn't)

I know for sure that the “vintage” effect was custom made, so I’m looking for the original typeface...

Thanks!! I’ll be around...

Q™ says: It’s All About The Fonts!!


Any Ideas? Anybody?

Q™ Says: It's all about the Fonts!!

This thing has attributes of more than one blackletter style, which to me suggests a custom font, or hand-lettering. The 'a' and 'd' are like Frakturs, but other letters are like Gotisch faces. See Wittenberger Fraktur and Weiss-Rundgotisch as examples

- Mike Yanega