Ready for critique

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I've been tweaking for a while now and I think it's ready for a review.
Here it is. A graffiti inspired, legible, stylish handwriting font.
First true attempt at a sellable font.

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I wouldn't advertise this as "graffiti-inspired" -- even if it is. It looks a lot more like comic book lettering to me.


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Thanks. Maybe I didn't flare it up enough, but I meant it to be comic-bookish with a definite street flava.

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Any help? anyone?

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i like it! fun! i agree with comic book rather than graffiti though.

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well the "e"s and "a"s are too light for me. "x" probably too but it's not within a text block.

The ones that seem to heavy are: D and 5.

I normally don't like the back slant, but I guess it goes well with this font. Someone else may judge it from this point because my judgement isn't the right one here.

What about letter-spacing? Does it seem to tight to me or is there anyone else that can confirm this?

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