All of my Typecrit photos from Typecon 2007 are up

All of my Typecrit photos from Typecon 2007 are up.

The are here

Also, Checko's photos are starting to show up in the stream too. Yea!


it's great of you to document this, eben. did i take any of these photos, did they make the cut? :P

All the ones of me - you took. No? So Huzzah! :-) And Thanks!

Probably you need some of the others as well. I am pretty sure some of Gabriel shots are yours. But you would have to tell me for me to be sure. Feel free to do that BTW.

Eben, some of these are among the best type conference photos ever--intensity, drama, people being themselves. Excellent!

I am glad you are enjoying them. :-) I am too.

I was definitely hoping for natural expression. And looking for it. Of course, having the large zoom with a 2.8 apature let me take shots from further away and in lower light. That helped for sure too.

Actually I am have been very impressed with the photos in the Typecon stream in general. Did you check out Nick Sherman's stuff for instance?

Small corrections:

  • It's "TypeCon" (capital C, camel case).
  • This is getting picky, but according to Flickr terminology, the collection of photos in a group is called a "pool", not a "stream". You have your own personal photo stream which is basically all your uploaded images in chronological order. The TypeCon Group has a photo pool because it includes photos from multiple Flickr users.

Love 'em, Eben. Checko is starting to add his too!