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My first *proper* sans-serif. I have been labouring through the night, driven by a surge of adrenalin brought about by a university acceptance. So here it is... Dent ... at least most of teh characters. s,u,v,w,x,y,z are still to be done in lc. no uc have yet been done. Am I doing everything wrong here? It is basically a fusion of gill, verdana and others.



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Hi matthew

a good start i would say...
Look at the 'c', the width of the bowl is bigger than the bowl of the 'd'. Is it the same stem-width as the.

The horizontal stem of the 'f' and 't' is to short in my opinion. BTW: the angel of the 't' down-stroke and the 'f' up-stroke looks very different to the others round shapes. (dont need to be the same... maybe it is only my own flavor)

The 'n' needed a little improvement at the left stem.

'd' where the bowl go in to the stem looks round at the punch but linear a the outside (hope you understand what i mean)

The 'm' is to small

okay hope this helps a little

Greetings Jens

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Very nice start. Reminds me a lot of Bernhardt (Agfa) or Bernhard (Font Company). I think overall your spacing is a little tight. (Although you probably aren't addressing spacing just yet.) I agree with the remarks made by Jens overall. It looks as if you are designing a monolinear design, but I think the main vertical strokes on all the characters (which have them) would benefit from a little modulation. I'm interested to see your version of UC for this style of face. Post soon?

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Jens... having not benefited from an eductaion in typography of any kind, your remarks at first were slightly confusing. But it doesn't take a genius to decipher most of what you say.
>Look at the 'c', the width of the bowl is bigger than the bowl of the 'd'

yup, noticed that. have corrected.
>The horizontal stem of the 'f' and 't' is to short in my opinion

I was unduly influenced by a common newspaper font in England here. You are right.

>BTW: the angel of the 't' down-stroke

Am I right in thinking you meant to say "angle"?

anyway, will fix the 'm' and 'n'. I can see what you mean about the 'd' in the gif, but in fontographer it seems OK. strange.

anyway, here is the font so far..

m still needs work, as does s

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Hoppla angle yes you are right! Im sorry! I form germany...

lets go on: :-)
'm' and 's' you saw by yourself... but look where the bowl meet the stem and compare/make it similar to the 'n' (the same to the 'r'). The 's' seems to be mirrored. You can do this I guess but I would try to do something like this:

The width of 'v', 'x' and 'z' is to big, inverse the 'w' is to small.
Flavor: the middle stroke of the w maybe have to go up to the x-height

The horizontal line of the 'e' need improvement. Also the 'down'bowl as not smooth

BTW: Please dont care about the typography name I make, maybe they are wrong..

Greetings Jens
BTW: wich university is it where you will go? And wich 'course'?

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thank you - the 's' helps a lot - ignorant of basic type composition I am. I will correct the other letters.

Cambridge University, doing Computer Science.

Thanks for the help


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> Cambridge University, doing Computer Science.


The font: my main problem is that many of the curves have "wobbly" contours; like in the bowl of the "b", the top is heavy, the right way too light, and the bottom a little too light. Compare with the "c", which is mostly solid, but much darker too. Also, make the "m" like the "n".


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