Recently Released: Damariscotta Font

Damariscotta is basically a text font with embellished capital letters which can stand on their own for decorative titles, or used with the lower case letters for text or titles. It's got a certain panache, reminiscent of both decorative Victorian or Art Nouveau lettering like some of those found in our Art Nouveau package, unexpectedly combined with some characteristics of Celtic lettering like the more decorative Gaelic fonts in our Celtic package. I named it Damariscotta after a region in Maine which attracted a lot of Scottish settlers in the 18th century. You can see a sample or get the demo version to try out at

BTW, I'm new to writing on this site, but it seems bizarre not to be able to include images in posts o a site about graphic design.



Don't see the "insert image" link at below your entry field?

Welcome to Typophile, Dave. I first learned of Scriptorium fonts in the mid-90s, through a British magazine called MacFormat!

If you have the Flash 8 Player installed on your computer, you should be able to post images... More info here.

I forgot all about having this little bloglet. I'm going to see if I can do a better job and make a few more posts.

Dave Nalle
Scriptorium Fonts