(x) slab serif from Men's Health Magazine - Popular {Stephen}

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I know it's a crappy picture but can anyone give me the name of the slab serif and/or alternatives. It's has to be different from the vere used – but great – Glypha, Serifa, Rockwell etc.

See it at: http://imgs.zinio.com/magimages/115942081/2007/221437591_toc1.jpg

I like Enclave (http://www.terminaldesign.com/fonts/sets/?CID=6) but I'm really not so mad about the new Soho that everyone seems to be raving about. (http://www.fonts.com/FindFonts/RecentReleases/2007/Soho.htm)


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Seb Lester has done some good stuff, but I don't really get Soho either (sometimes all you need is a family of 50 styles and you can grab press attention). Here is a better modern slab: Stag, which could be the basis for the Men's Health typeface.

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Nice one! I also really like what he did for The Guardian which is along the same line. http://typographica.org/art/articles/2006/GdnEgypSans.gif

So since it doesn't look like I can license this – then what do I use?

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Did you contact Schwartz? "Available for relicensing on a very limited basis. Contact us for more details."

There isn't much else in this realm other than what you mentioned. Maybe FF Zine Slab, but that's heading another direction.

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Oh! I was thinking of another Schwartz face, Popular. You can ask Font Bureau about licensing.

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Yeah that's it! Poplar. He makes some nice Slabs!

I really like the extra bold version of FF Zine, but it really lacks a light version, and I think the regular feels too condensed. However, for this project I might just buy the extra bold or black version of FF Zine.

I'm figuring that that's a lot cheaper than buying Poplar.

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But I'll ask them though...

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Some great suggestions from Stephen in this thread.
Popular or FF Zine look like great options for you, Peter.

Regarding Soho, which I designed, it has been pretty well received
thankfully and people might want to check out the bigger pdf at
http://www.monotype.co.uk/soho/ to make their own minds up.

It's a comprehensive pdf showing lots of text settings and
stylistic alternatives for InDesign, if a particular letter
or weight is not for you.

If some people just don't like the overall feel (refined industrial/
mechanical) or whatever else, then there's not much I can do about
that and fair enough. I love that aesthetic myself.

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Thanks Seb – and also congratulations on having British GQ picking up Soho for their recent redesign. It looks great for that kind of magazine and I'm sure that a top title like GQ will get Soho even more attentiton.

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