(x) Thin, angular sans serif - Foundry Gridnik {Conor}

I've seen typefaces like this (and several other similar ones) that are very open and light, with harder, angular corners instead of smooth round ones. can anyone give me some leads? thanks!


thank you! after some googling, looks like people seem to have .. uh... challenges with getting in touch with The Foundry. Hopefully they'll reply. If not, it looks like Blender may be an alternate.

Keep us informed, I still wouldn't mind hearing somebody's actual experience with them.

> somebody’s actual experience with them.

I found them to be very pleasant and helpful.

If you don't mind me asking, Conor, was your communication with them regarding a large or small license?

It was small. Single workstation licence.

Then perhaps the trouble is with their email rather than what I presumed was an unwillingness to deal with small fries.

Blender (Pro) by Nik Thoenen has a similar look-and-feel as Foundry Gridnik as you are looking for those angular types.