action/outline = strange glyph shift

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action/outline = strange glyph shift

I've searched this forum for answers to my questions, but I haven't found any yet. So, here is my problem:

I have buiit a whole font and now I have realised that the 60%-figures (as "onesuperior" etc.) could be a bit bolder. When I try to do this via tools/action/effects/outline (H weight: 2, V weight: 2, "keep glyph dimensions" enabled) , a strange thing occurs: the glyph shifts some units to the left and to the bottom. The problems seems to be in the "V weight", because if I leave this V to 0, the change to the H weight functions.

I have tried to change the contour's direction, but it didn't solve the problem.

Does anybody has an idea? Thanks a lot. Mathilde