Victorian era pretty junk

The typeface for "BISHOP ALLEN" on this album cover is terrific, but I don't know what the name of it is, and the website where there is "Everything you ever wanted to know about the band Bishop Allen" doesn't even mention it. Can you believe that? I find it shocking. Anyway, if any of you know what it is, or if you have some good Victorian era typefaces to show me, I'd just be super happy. (Perhaps you may even wish to dispute the "Victorianesque" of the typeface I have shown, by all means, tell me what it's all about!)


In case you wanted another thing someone might want to know, "The Broken String" is set in Adobe Caslon Bold Italic with swash caps.

Wow. You guys are terrific. But if Hermann Zapf designed that, then I suppose it's not a Victorian typeface. Do you know any good ones?

These examples are so great, thanks to the both of you. I particularly like the Bodoni Classic Shadow Initials, makes my heart flutter.