Nice legible sans-serif typeface

Hi, I'm doing a disability magazine and have been using Utopia for body text. The editor wants me to try a sans-serif font. Some of the readers are vision impaired so the size of the text needs to be 10.5pt, 10 at least.

I use Helvetica Neue for "pull quotes" but I think this might be a bit too wide and inefficient on space for body text. The text should work well with the 'pull quotes"

Can anyone help?



I hate to say something obvious, but Helvetica Neue has a pretty wide range of weights, including some condensed ones. Is it okay, with your readers in mind, to use a condensed weight for the pull quotes?

Also, you will get more responses by posting a question like this in the Design forum rather than on your blog...

Hi Ricardo, Thanks for the tip about the forum (he he (nurvous laugh) he he). I am a new user.

Yes Helvetica Neue might be the go, I'l give it a try.