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Hello typophilers,
I have been designing this typeface for quite some time. My intention was to create a very humanist design, that captures some of the classic features of Garalde and Venetian faces.

Metrics and kerning still need some attention. I also just spotted some of my diagonals are producing uneven colour.

Before I start punctuation and other glyphs. I would appreciate any comments that you guys may have.

-M Foley

*updated 13/09/07*

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I think it looks really nice. But boy, it sure is close to Gill Sans.

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I love Gill Sans, so I like this a lot. I like the right-angle terminal at the top of the G and the bottom of the C. You've tried to do the same on the top of the C, and the S, c, and s, but it's too subtle there -- even at very large sizes, it just looks smudgy. And why not make the curves in J, a, e, j, 2, 3 and 5 terminate in the same way? The rounded terminals of the f, the ear on the g, the r, 4, and 7 look horrible. They really don't match the feel of the rest of the font. The zero is too wide compared to the other numbers. The ear on the 1 is too short -- should be two or three times as tall. The S, s, and 5 look like they are about to tip over to the right. The 8 should be more asymetrical -- the top should be smaller than the bottom.

I like the slight curve at the ends of the lowercase verticals, but you seem to have only halfway done it on the q. I really like the open P, 6, and 9.

Hope that helps. :)

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Quite a beautiful 'face. Great optical characteristics when set into text. Can I ask how long has this taken you? I've been working on my sansie face for months now, waiting to get it nearer to complete before putting it up on the chopping block here.

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It's very nice. Very legible.

M and W are heavier compared to other letters.
W looks leaning to the right.
Q, C, c and O look lighter compared to other letters.

And I don't like the 0 (zero)...

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Thanks for the replies.

Glyphobet: Thank you for the very indepth critique. It has certainly helped me out. I also didn't particularly like the terminals. I thought I could justify them by slightly incising my design. In the end, the terminals still didn't work.

bpotstra: I guess it has taken me about three months so far. I have attempted a san serif three times. I don't worry about the time it has taken me. In total I would say around two hundred hours. I try to work slowly, it helps me concentrate harder on the areas that need the most attention.

I have have attempted to move away from the Gill, Johnston look. To help give the design more contrast, I have incised the stroke endings, allowing a little more contrast. I also wanted to make sure I avioded Optima. My type face is mainly based off Galliard.

See my first post for updated pdf.

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