Does 'METROPOLIS' follows a grid or not?


i have an assignment where i have to study a publication in areas such as content chunking, production, layout etc.

and i have selected 'METROPOLIS'. It talks about architecture and design. I was able to figure out the content distribution, i have

observed a proper margin through the articles but somehow im not able to see a grid or proper guides.

whether its follows a two column or a three column grid, or its too flexible to follow a grid. so basically im stuck with the most

important criteria to analyse the magazine.

ill be soon posting scans of the magazine, the issue that im studying is (july/august 2007)

my e-mail id is:-


i have an assignment

I hope this doesn't sound too harsh, but if this is a school assignment, then you shouldn't be asking others to answer your questions for you. You won't learn anything that way, and you'll only be cheating yourself in the long run. Go and get some books on grids and layout (and there are plenty out there) and study them... then go back to your issue of Metropolis magazine and look at it again -- you may see things in a different light.

Best of luck,