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A way how users may choose their favourite fonts for rendering a website

Font settings for a website always use the least common denominator. Fonts like Verdana and Georgia, sizes between 13 and 16 pixels and so on. This may not be appropriate for your 24 inch screen, but there is nothing you can do about it. You don't have much more influence besides telling your browser to make the type »larger«.

This is fine for a website you visit just once, but on a website you visit day after day you may want to have your OWN settings based on YOUR fonts and YOUR display. Maybe you want to see the headlines in Warnock Pro and use Calibri for the body copy?

For our German typography website Typografie.info I have developed a system, that will allow the users to choose various font settings (including the fonts found on the user's system!) and apply them automatically to the website, everytime they will visit it.

Here is an example:

In the example above the font list is limited to a number of common fonts, that are known to work in an HTML environment. At the moment these are PC and Mac system fonts and some common Adobe fonts.

In theory, a user may choose any font on his machine, but since fonts with a name like "Font Family SmBt Ital LF" won't work in an HTML environment, this is may be a little bit too experimental.
Here is the same script, but this time showing all fonts installed on the user's system:

I appreaciate any comments on this system!


It's brilliant!
But I wonder who will use such a feature. Besides the obvious (type-)designers and maybe some computer affonciado's.

it is rather fun. would work really well for things like iGoogle or my yahoo. even the typefaces i've made for my own use work. well done.

This is great. I know my mom would use it as she's an Arial Rounded junkie.

It's slick, for sure. Useful? Probably not. Folks that know/want to modify a particular site to that extent are probably already familiar with client-side options like greasemonkey and user style sheets.

That said, cuttin' makes a good point...perhaps this would be useful for the masses that like to customize their personal home pages to that extent.

This is a pretty clever idea; I'd like to see it more widely implemented.