Community Privacy

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A community of letters formed together differentiating the level of privacy amongst their neighbors.

This is the base font. There are more versions of this typeface which move in closer and the letterforms become intertwined within one another becoming unreadable establishing a sense of privacy for the writer and the letters they write.

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So, let's see some intertwining!

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Here is examples of my typeface. The typeface starts off readable and gets unreadable when the author does not want to reveal what is actually being said.

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My typeface comes in five different variations, "Community Privacy 1" to "Community Privacy 5." Each variation has its own suitcase listed seperately in the list of fonts. I came about the system as I studied different codes and rating systems, such as the terrorist alert warnings, sex offender ratings, gaming system ratings, movie ratings, braille, etc. I decided as to label my fonts with a basic numbering system of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. As a person feels their message is non-readable a person would type with "Community Privacy 5" and so on. This is mostly based off movie and gaming system ratings with a reference to the sex offender numbering.

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I think this is a great concept. Will it be simple selection, or will there be some programming involved?

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