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This is my first post, and also the first typeface that I have designed (other than several partial alphabets in school). I have completed the upper and lower cases, and am working on drawing the numbers. At this point I feel like I could use some crit.

The letters are all traced using type tool with auto metrics and auto kerning applied, and generated as open type ps. I am not sure about some of the character widths, and also could use some suggestions as to how the language of the upper case should translate to the lower case (for example if an upper case letter has an angled terminal, should the lower case as well? As is the case with the X). If it is helpful I can set a block of text with the face, and post it later.

I look forward to your critique.
Thanks in advance


revolvo character set and specimen.pdf412.3 KB
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Very nice!

The only thing that immediately bothers me is the shear of the tail of the Q, which looks a bit like it's been artificially compressed.

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There’s a lot of really great stuff going on here, but I would like to see a specimen with some words set. The lowercase alphabet seems more grounded than the uppercase, which almost seems to be leaning and wobbling, although I think some of that is due to the letterspacing.

To nitpick: G looks like it’s tipping to the left, and I’m confused by the terminals of U angling to the reverse of everything else. The same goes for the terminal of the upper horizontal in E and F slanting differently.

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I think you need to visit some of the stroke connections, especially in the upper case, in spots where there is a lot of mass concentrated: M, N, K, R. W, lowercase k. You may need to taper some strokes as these junctions, or have them connect differently.

Echoing James' comment, the upper case isn't as consistent as the lower. The A and the M especially don't match the rest.

I would like to see some sample text set in your font.

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thanks for your thoughts. Now that i look at it the G does seem to lean, I am going to try extending the terminal slightly. I knew that I had some dark spots going on in some of the connections, I will be refining those shortly. As for the A and M, I am not sure in what way they stand out. Do you mean because they lack the slant?

I have set a short block of type at 24pt., these are the same characters as in the original set. I welcome any additional comments.

Any suggestions on how to approach kerning pairs for the entire font?


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for some reason i wasn't able to attach the file.
I'll try tomorrow.

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I would suggest to reduce the counter of the a and the e to more suit the design of the A, E, R.

Nice work!


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Regarding the A and M: although your A has a lower-than-normal bar which matches the font, it doesn't have the quirks that make the other letters interesting. Perhaps the top should be narrower and angled. Likewise, the M looks too "normal" when there is opportunity here to give it more personality, such as angles at the top of the stems. The V as well could use that treatment, as most of the other letters where that can be done have it.

Personally, I like the G; if you extend the upper terminal, perhaps still keep it a bit to the left of what would be "normal".

On the lowercase e, you might move the lower terminal a bit to the left; currently it looks like you're not sure if it should align with the top. Make it definitely align, or obviously not. I think the latter would suit the font.

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does anyone have any suggestion as to why i might be having provblems attaching files. When I click on insert image i get a finder window that says choose file to upload, however none of my files are clickable, including the PDF i previosly posted.
I have no idea.

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I had that problem at one point but I don't recall what I did to fix it. What browser are you using? You could try a different one. Also, on Safari I know that the message frame can be expanded/compressed that might do something. I am not !00% sure about this but I think you can only add gifs & jpegs and maybe png files as inline images in a post. You should be able to add a PDF to your initial post. Did this help?

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I resaved my original file with the type specimen included in a single PDF. I couldn't attach any additional files, but when I removed the original it would let me reattach it.

Gary, I will be adressing the issues you mentioned, as well as the other problems shortly. I am also going to try to adjust the crossbars throughout the upper case so that they are optically more consistent. I should have changes up by the weekend.


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