(x) Swedbank corporate sans - Swedbank Sans (proprietary) {Marten F}

Anyone recognizes this?


The font is called Swedbank and I think Essen are responsible. I don't know who designd the font but I'll get back on that...

It's a modified Klavika:

It's strange beacuse the used the real version first.
But in this new one some changes has been made – to the "g", "a" and to the terminals.

I never would've guessed.

Font tuning :P Seems like a different font, I own Klavika and it related it to my other previous post (ALSTOM Sans) but not this one .

Excelent Peter! thanks.

... and nasty roumors say that Swedbank didn't respected the type designers refusal to make changes on Kavlika, so they went ahead and changed it themselves. Please note that somebody whispered this in my ear and I can't confirm it.

I've asked the Managing Director of Essen about the story behind the font (not the part of them going against the designer) but he's out of office until the 10th. I'll try one of the designers instead and get back when, or if I get an answer...

Now I've got an answer from Essen and their designer Anna Grieves and this is what she says about the font:

The name of the font is Swedbank Sans and it's developed by Essen in corporation with Monotype England under the supervision of Robin Nicholas (who also made Arial). The font is custom made for Swedbank (exclusive rights) and are available in four weights; Regular, Medium, Bold and Extra Bold.

... now the question is if they actually bought out the exclusive right to change the Klavika or if they just decide to go along despite the refusal from the Eric Olson???... I guess I just have to keep on wondering or maybe Eric could fill in? Cheers

First off, a kind thanks to Marten for inquiring into the origins of the font whose very existence was unknown to me until last night.

For the record, I was never contacted by Essen or Monotype England regarding Klavika in any capacity - for licensing, changes, alterations etc. Like most type designers I've made several changes to my typefaces for clients. It's something I actually enjoy quite a bit especially if it's for specific conditions so the font will perform better. So no, I never refused to change Klavika. As I said, I was never contacted in the first place. (to be fair, Stefan mentions this was a 'nasty rumor')

I was however contacted by a distributor in Sweden in the summer of '06 inquiring into the possibility of a unlimited global license of Klavika for a financial client. To make a long story short, they didn't like our price and we never heard from them again. Swedbank to date has license for 8 CPUs of Klavika.

So here we are.

I can only speculate beyond this, so if I learn more, I'll chime in.

thanks again

Eric, they definately used the original (and modified) Klavika in different applications that excides the 8 user license.

For example... all my bank statements use the typeface, and I can't think they use the same computer to send out all bank statements.

Swedbank... Usch.

"No, us at Swedbank and including our design agencies are using in total no more than 8 computers." Blähä!

Peter, are you sure they also use the original Klavika? Because as long as we can't perform a point by point comparison of both Klavika and Swedbank Sans there's no way we can be sure if original Bézier data of the former was reused to produce the latter. Untill then anything written in this thread is speculation and should be handled with the utmost care.

OK, I know they used the real Klavika , then they changed.. I didn't even notice until this thread.

This SWF uses both Klavika and Swedbank (Sans Top) : http://www.swedbank.se/sst/www/inf/out/fil/0,3105,398293,00.swf

It calls for "Klavika Reg":
I'm not sure how to see if the other font is included too.

I remember I have also seen Klavika used when the first big advertising billboards were seen all over the city here in Stockholm – maybe one year ago or something...?

Well, all I know is that this theory is not too far-fetched. As everyone knows by now, Monotype also did a Metro "inspired" design for their Opel corporate face. I haven't checked yet if parts of the design coincidentally match point by point. O:^)

To the issue of outlines...

Knowing Klavika like the back of my hand, I can say with some certainty the font we're looking at was not generated from my drawings. If I had to guess, we're looking at a modified version of Neo Sans.

That would really make sense, Eric! But we are still looking at something that's resembles your design. And if Swedbank/Essen used Klavika in connection with the lounch of their new identity it's not that far-fetched they deliberately made their own version a copy. That's quite nasty, if you ask me...

It is nasty. It's also cheap, dirty and barely legal just like Monotype. This is actually the second time they've pulled this stunt. Previously it was with my font Bryant.

Also a nasty fact that Swedbank used Klavika as a global corporate typeface for half a year, or more, without paying proper license. They can afford it, and they still should.

This is the reply from Anna Grieves at Essen to the question if Swedbank Sans was based on Klavika:

The answer to your question is no. We didn't use Klavika as a starting point. But we wanted Swedbank Sans to be a modern sans serif that like for example Klavika and other modern sans as Stainless and Morgan Sans would breathe 21th century and modernity. So of course there are similarities.


Found this old post and it got me really intriged, is ther some one who has the Swedbank Sans by now, or is it still well protected corporate secret?

Assuming one has this font... What should one do with it to find out more?

Although it's tempting to suggest putting some "poetic justice" in action and pirating this font, it's still not an acceptable idea (especially since it would hurt Process Type) so please don't do it.