"Coffee Is Culinary" 40s style thin condensed sans on Starbucks recipe card

Hey this is my first time posting anything here and i hope i did everything right. Not much of a forum user normally.

Anyway, can anyone help me with this? I was looking for something very similar to this last week, and came across this the other day on a recipe card at Starbucks. I scanned it in and searched WhatTheFont, the closest thing it came up with was Wingate JL, but with my limited knowledge of type, the only thing that i notice to be different immediately was the leg of the R. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


The kerning looks freefont.

Not sure if i follow Jan, what do you mean by freefont?

Hi there:

Jan means that the spacing looks a little out of whack to him hence, not programed well- like most free fonts that have poor kerning.

I love the R too. I have a feeling its a customized by the in-house Starbucks art group. But what the original typeface I do not know.

Mikey :-)

Thank you both for your help. In case you were curious, I think I found it. I realized that I had recognized this font from a piece that came across my desk the other day. It was a proof that I received from another designer asking what I thought. I was able to open it up in Illustrator and find out the fonts I didn't have on my system. If I'm right, it looks to be a combination of Chalet Comprime 1960 and Chalet Comprime 1970 from House Industries. Thank god for the Lettersetter and other designers not outlining their fonts. Now I can rest. Thanks again for your help.


Never mind, i looked at it a little further. I'm wrong. thought i was pretty smart for a second.

> thought i was pretty smart for a second.

Actually, we all do. Don't let our grandstanding trick you into believing we know what we're doing here. ;^)