Writing on foil

I started doing this a while back. Wulf Barsch showed up to a class and noticed a case of Staedtler Lumograph pencils. "Did you know that these were created for the purpose of drawing on foil?" No I didn't know that. It was worth a try. It was only after writing in foil though that I began to take seriously the idea of making type from my handwriting—an idea I had kept for a long time. There comes with writing on foil a remarkable feeling of the medium pushing back; have you ever noticed that?


It looks pretty cool, actually.
What do you intend to do with it afterwards? Or is it just meant as is?

That is really cool. Why the heck would anyone need to do that though?

This would be a great way to mock-up some high end packaging or to decorate a package or make custom tags for gifts.

It's a different medium, that's all. What I like best about it is the foil's reaction to a soft pencil. It's slick, so it's similar to writing or drawing on photo paper with a wet permanent marker; but because it gives just a little, it lends some control to the curves. That helps a lot—both to achieve the look you want first—and later if you're doing something like overlaying bezier curves.

But you're creating a negative impression when you write. How are you getting a positive like on the top example of your cursive?

He probably flipped the image?


are we talking "regular ol aluminum foil?... or is this a specialty type foil one would purchase at an art store.


Grocery store.