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Business Card Designs

I have been asked by a former collegue to critique some business card designs. I have been doing product design for the last several years and I'm feeling a bit rusty. I was wondering what some of you thought about the designs he sent me. He was the manager of a team of product managers for computer accessories (mice, hubs, etc.)

I sincerely appreciate any feedback you may provide.

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Lots of questions come to mind; some you may not want the beholder to have to ask. What is Michael Greco? Who is Michael Greco? Is Michael Greco a pair of last names that make a firm or company name? These questions come of the type in 'michael greco' looking too [kind of overbranded] to be a simple first and last name.
Having the luxury of seeing several different specimens, and looking up to find that it's an internet service provider and most likely not Michael's employer, I get the feeling that Michael Greco is a consultant, marketer or strategist.
My advice would then be to add a word such as 'Consultant' to the design, just to fix the trouble with ambiguity.
Beyond that, the type alignment in these designs is too predicable. I think the best direction to work in is D-E.

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I agree with Bavid's main critique.

But I don't know what he means by "the type alignment in these designs is too predicable" because to me the alignment is too arbitrary -- quite the opposite of "predicable" (maybe he did want to say "unpredictable"?).