Who's on Twitter?

I'm here. Currently ranting about the new iPhone announcement.




Twitter is just missing a little something. I don't know what it is yet, but when they get it, it will be big.

Sweet reet tweet.


Plus, I maintain the Veer Twitter channel as well.


When I get it to work, yes.


You can also follow the Punchcut Twitter stream.

Who is actually doing the Punchcut twitter, since each of you seems to have your own already?

And how do you reply to someone else with the @ symbol?

The PCT Twitter is maintained by a mortal. Anything else would reveal a trade secret.

And I agree that Twitter is missing something. I think it's best implementation is when Twitter updates run inline with Facebook "updates."

I've never been able to get into the microblogging. I have two or three accounts in various locations, but I was just so terribly bored of it after a day, no, five minutes.


I've found that you MUST have the interface right there waiting for you, like Twitterific that Grant and I use. There are various other interfaces out there, but yeah, just get one that will sit there on your desktop ready to go or else you won't use it.

My Ivo Twitter stream: http://twitter.com/fontwerk
FSI’s FontFont Twitter stream: http://twitter.com/FontFont

in an attempt to find more folks to follow, i'm giving this thread a bump. tell us where you're at on twitter.