(x) The Miracle Theater peculiar serif face - (similar to) Mason {Jan E, Yves}

Hi guys,

This site has proven to be very helpful. I need a quick i.d. on a particular font. Have a look at this site. http://miracletheater.com/ It's the Miracle logo I'm referring to.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.




Looks a bit like Manson by Emigre (not available any more).

Huh? Mason is still available, it's just the name that changed. This is the freeware bad rip-off, so I suggest you use the original.

Dude, you guys freakin' rock!! Thanks!! :-)

I know it by Manson (serif only). When adding a sans version they must have skipped the n. That’s what I call political correctness in the type business. Or Barnbrook planned to design a compagnion by the name of Dixon. Still, MANSON is not available any more.

Nope, that's what you should call Emigre chickening out and going over the type designer's head. This was a quite unsavory glitch in the history of Emigre. Jonathan wasn't very happy about the name change.


Google "mason manson emigre barnbrook". ;^)