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(x) Guys and Dolls movie poster - Kabel, Romeo {Jan E, Yves}

Anyone know the font used on the marquee-like signs here (without the lights of course)?

if you can ID what is used for the actors' names, that'd be helpful too.




marquee-like signs looks like ITC Kabel Ultra.


pretty darn similar, but not exact.

Samuel Goodwyn - Bodega Sans with some vert scaling, perhaps?

> pretty darn similar, but not exact.

It’s as close as you can get, I’m afraid. Probably customized.

thanks gang!

Oops, didn't see one typeface still neede identifying. The Art Deco sans is Romeo.

Oh man, I knew it had to be a Font Bureau font.

Technically it wasn't a Font Bureau font at the time this poster was created.