(x) What does "LF" mean in FF Scala LF? - lining figures {Dan R}

Hi there fellow Typophiles!

I am looking for Scala LF but I have never before heard of the term: "LF"

What does LF stand for?

Thanx in advance!


Linig Figures, I would guess (as opposed to oldstyle figures…)


What does it mean as oppose to a regular FF Scala?

The regular FF Scala's numbes are oldstyle figures.


Thanx a million!

Hi Jakob, if you are planning to do a new purchase, maybe you wanna consider the OpenType version of Scala. It contains oldstyle figures aswell as lining figures, in one single font file—along with ligatures, small caps and a whole bunch of other features. Here’s a pdf [220kb] about it.

Hoefler and Frere Jones have a nice explanation as to the purpose of these designs:


Mike Diaz :-)