"Kamel Chenaouy" guitar logo, 25 years old

Hi, I'm working for a client whose logo has been put on guitars for 25 years now. This is what it looks like.
1. Does somebody have an idea if its a hand madet type or a specific typeface?
2. Does this type have a name or an equivalent.

I thank you all for your help. \0/


This looks like a typeface that has had some customization.

Yes that's right, I've been asking around. It seems to be a typeface that was on old PCs (1980 onwards) which had been modified.

I believe this is a customized ITC Cheltenham Book Italic.

Bald Condensed, I think that you hit the nail right on the head. :-)
Kamel Chenaouy is well known for his Apex guitars and other creations in the guitar world. He also has a forum where he advises budding luthiers on how to build one's own guitars. Its here: http://kamelchenaouy.forumactif.com/.
Thanks for everything.

This is the new logo design process.