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Hey everyone, this is my first post on the site ... seems like an awesome community. I'm looking to get some feedback on a font I'm working on ... right now I only have the caps.

The font is nameless as of yet, but inspired by the quote 'my favorite part was everything.' Some little kid on TV was talking about how Shaq came to visit his elementary school or something like that.



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The stroke ends on the W, R, X, Y are similar but the decision to angle the ends seems arbitrary. I'm not saying that you need to give all strokes the same angle but the rule is inconsistent. Sometimes that's cute but in this case it's not.

S is tough. It looks kind of congested on the top and it's overall heavier than most other letters. I recommend printing it out and tracing over it in pencil. You can fix it by poking beziers around but it's easy to end up with something that looks generic. Expect to spend lots of time on the S.

X is tough. Split it into three pieces. A solid piece like this: / and the other half \ split at the waist. So you've got one / and two short \ \. Move the shirt \\ into position until they look right. Test with other letter and X words. Don't measure, just move them until they look good to you. Remove overlaps. select points and arrow key tap* them until you have a perfect X. Get frustrated and start all over again.

K is tough. It seems that you want to contain K in its own "square". That's fine but it creates limitation on the structure. Right now the foot tapers.

V is not tough. Arrow key tap the crotch point down a bit. arrow key tap the top to make the strokes slightly wider. Compare with other letters.

* select a point and play bongos on the arrow keys

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This font has a nice warm feel :)

I'm no expert at all (and excuse my lack of fluency in the language of type design), I'll build on the suggestions made by typodermic.
From here I can see that your 'H' is too squished and too light. Make it wider and increase the stroke widths a little. Compare it to the 'W' which is really heavy – too heavy.
Your 'G' looks a little odd, the round is light and the top terminal has an odd shape and angle. Also the foot (?) of the 'G' feels a little big and possibly too high. I think the curve 'J' needs some condensing.
It feels like the 'C' overshoots the baseline and cap-height a bit much – it's really noticeable against the 'D'.
I like the tail of the 'Q' and perhaps there's something there that can help you with the 'K'.
I like the 'R' but it feels a tiny bit top-heavy so the leg needs to come out a little more perhaps, and address the heavy mass that's happening where the leg joins.

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Thanks for the feedback guys ... I've been working off of the advice you gave me in order to improve the font ... tried to equalize the general character weight a bit.

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For some reason the letterforms remind me of Sesame Street.

- Lex

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