[ANN] New release: SigMaker 3 for Mac and Windows

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[ANN] New release: SigMaker 3 for Mac and Windows

Turn images, logos and signatures into OpenType fonts, fontlets or SING glyphlets!

Fontlab Ltd. announces the release of SigMaker 3, an affordable font utility that allows users to turn any image such as a scanned signature, a corporate logo or a digital photo into a font that can be easily used in any wordprocessing or graphic application ― all is six easy steps.

With SigMaker 3, the user picks an image, optionally opens one of the fonts installed on his system, chooses the keystroke position under which the new symbol will be available ― and SigMaker does the rest. It will generate a modified version of the original font or ― new in version 3 ― a tiny one-glyph font, either in the Adobe InDesign-compatible SING glyphlet format, or as a universally usable OpenType “fontlet”.

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