Computer to Plate Letterpress

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When I was in college, I remember using a shop in Atlanta that would take Illustrator files and, for around twelve bucks, would make a perfect 9x12" letterpress printing block of your design.

Does anyone know of a similar service that might still be around anywhere?


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I know of a few in New York including SoHo Letterpress but beware, customer service isn't their priority.

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Yeah, that tends to be common with these sorts of things. Still, I wouldn't mind you referring them to me. Thanks.

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Photopolymer plates are pretty standard for commercial letterpress. Here in Portland, it's the standard technique for things like wedding invitations. Like any kind of printing, I think good results often depends upon developing a relationship with the service provider. For example, if you're careful, you can fit several jobs onto one plate and then separate them for printing.

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Thanks guys. And for the record, I found the place I used to use back in the day. They're still around and very good: Owosso Graphic Arts.

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I can't remember the name of the woman who runs it. Just be prepared, they take forever. But they do a nice job and will work with you to get it right. Altho it sounds like you might only want the plate, not the job printed, should be simpler.

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Some letterpress studios have their own polymer plate-makers, like


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