your favourite serif font?

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what's your favourite serif font?
(especially for use on print stuff)


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adobe garamond, it's sophisticated, easy to read and the letterforms are just beautiful :)


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Hard to decide... I guess my favorites are:

• Bembo
• Sabon
• Plantin

cheerio Queneau

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If i had to decide this today – Lexicon (
Tomorrow maybe Sabon, Stempel Garamond, Arnhem, Dolly, etc.

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love its handmade look.

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FF Quadraat
Greta Text (although I haven't yet used it myself)

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great - some of them i haven't known before!
some more favourites anyone? :)

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I would have to say the new and amazing scotch from Hoefler & Frere-Jones called Chronicle.

I've finally saved up enough to buy it;-) Pheww

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the last serif i licensed: Feijoa
the next one i hope to: Anselm

previous licenses:

others on my wish list:

also, i'm quite pleased that Arno Pro came bundled with the latest CS upgrade.

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I'm using Kris's Newzald for a couple of books at the moment... it sets nice. would like to grab Storms Baskerville Ten pro, good book face I reckon, Walbaum too.

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Dolly is great. I have enjoyed using it.


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Minion used to be my "go-to" serif. Now it's Whitman. On my wish list: Elmhurst, Miller, Chronicle, Requiem, yada, yada, yada...

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