new round letters

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dear typophiles!

I want to consult about new typeface, which I work now.
being planned to be a plain face of Agarsky, it became a new one.

here is normal

and bold faces:

thank you, Andrij

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Fun! I'd take another look at the N,1 and L. I really like the x's and K's.

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It's super cute.

Maybe the x is a little bit too wide?

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Nice :D

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Christian Robertson,
you talk about more curved forms of these letters? thank!

thank you, maybe you right, i need to try again

peterbruhn, thank ))

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Very nice, I like it.

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thanx, Quincunx!

this typeface starts on myfonts

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WOW! Congratulations! You work very fast. Nice typeface btw.

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I really like it, though it all seems just a bit too wide for my taste...
Some letters remind me of Jeremy Tankard's Aspect, and maybe that's why I can't help feeling like there's something missing on the lowercase D, especially on the regular version. Recently I visited Hubert Jocham's site and this lowercase G – which I love – reminds me of his lowercase Gs, which are always refreshing (though I also don't like them all).

I agree with Christian on the 1, N and L, and would probably add the M to that, since those things hanging on the top left of the letters seem too long (I don't know what to call those "things"... help me out, here!). This is especially noticeable on the regular version, too.

And about the I... are the top serifs pulled to the left on purpose?


edit: well, maybe not the M... I guess the slant of its legs compensates for the length of that thing which I don't know what to call because I really need to pay more attention to the vocabulary!

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It's growing on me! I should stop looking at it! :P Those things are kind of blending in...

Being picky, but maybe the stroke on the S should be just a little bit thicker on the middle... the bottom part of the curve seems like it's almost going upwards for a moment, there.

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thank you, sim!

hi, rubenDmarkes!
you are right--Aspect is very was me pleased, probably has some influence.
thank you reminded Hubert Jocham's fonts--i revised them once again with pleasure.
i continue work over this typeface, so i will pay more attention to said moments.
thank you!

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