(x) "40 Bond" classic serif in NYT Magazine - display version of Caslon 540 {Lex}

The attached sample is from an ad that ran in the NYT Magazine. Can anyone help with the display? (The italic appears to be from the same family.)


Possibly Requiem? Big Caslon is similar.


40 Bond is really pretty but for sure its not based on Big Caslon. Matthew Carter has not employed the squiggly uppercase Q (looks like a pig's tail) in the roman styles of Big Caslon, whereas on the Grammercy Hotel site using the same type as 40 Bond does. And just looking at how the axes are all over the place in the capital italics- its not a Carter job.

The link that Lex post correctly attributes this type to a custom Caslon 540. The smaller text looks like a non-custom Caslon 540. Too bad the website does not offer a pdf on the Hotel then we'd know all.

Mikey :-)