font suggestion for high end shaving kits

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The product is called bull's eye and the logo is an archer (attached) and the name of the company is bull's eye shaving products.

I wish the face to express quality and precision.

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Is this high-end electric razors, high-end creams and lotions, straightrazors?

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high-end creams and lotions, straightrazors

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My thoughts: either something geometric (circular o's reflecting the bullseye) or something straight and sans-y. In that vein, try Hypatia Pro (available if you register for the new Adobe Creative Suite, but otherwise, I'm not sure), Klavika, Camingo, Verlag, and Avenir Next. I would think of more, but it's late where I am and sleep beckons.

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that's great!

thank you.

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Not to mention ...

The Luxury collection from House

Sackers Gothic

Mercury from H&FJ

Didot from H&FJ

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Excellent! I'm feasting my eyes!

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