(x) FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010 logo - customised Neuland {Jan E}

Anyone know type used in Official Poster of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South-Africa


sorry for size image.


It shares similarities with Neuland/BT Informal 011 but still is quite different.
I think it’s a custom design.

Oh, my brains.
I actually replied to this same request before:


If this is the same typeface at the »first«(?) or original (?) version, I'd say it is a custom work done by Gabriel da Abreu from Swith Design (South Africa). See Jürgen Sieberts Fontblog-topic ”That‘s the WC Logo from 2010« (sorry, germanspeakers only).

BTW, I think Neuland is an excellent suggestion for a substitute, as always. The Neuland-typeface-concept is also known as Nueland or Phosphor and maybe more I don't know of.

There is another called Othello that is quite similar. From the same era as the original Neuland too.

- Mike Yanega

Sergio, could you please first do a search when you know what you're looking for? Don't worry, no harm done, but maybe next time... ;^)